What is Hoge Finance and why you should know about it

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Hoge (official link: https://hoge.finance) is a deflationary cryptocurrency that hasn’t been around for too long now but has already shaken the masses with its ability to promote, share love, and spread the news about it. Hoge has already established its own ecosystem with people who continuously spread the word about Hoge and how awesome it is. There already exists a lot there is to learn about and interact with the Hoge ecosystem, so let’s begin the journey.

Before we get to the fun part of Hoge, let’s look at how it works. As I mentioned before, Hoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency. This implies that for each transaction made by using Hoge as payment, a small percentage of that percentage is removed from the total supply and is redistributed to the people who hold the token in their wallet or exchange. You can already see the major incentive to be a HOGE holder: not only do you get rewarded with more HOGE for each transaction, but you are part of the movement which drives deflationary tokens such as HOGE.

To better explain its deflationary nature, let’s see an example. Let’s first see what is inflationary: Fiat currencies such as USD and EUR are inflationary by nature. This means that over time, more of those currencies are generated and distributed. Consequently, the value of those currencies decreases, because the money becomes less scarce and can be more easily obtained in a larger amount than before. As for deflationary, it is basically the opposite of inflationary currencies — the more these types of currencies are being utilized (transactions, payments, transfers), the less the currency is available and the more scarce it becomes. This phenomenon is called a “burn”, meaning that for each transaction a percentage of the transacted amount is “burned” and decreased from the overall total supply of the currency.

Now that we know what a deflationary currency is, let’s look at the HOGE tokenomics (that’s a cool name for what would be economics for fiat currencies). The total amount of initial HOGE supply is 1000 billion (that’s 12 zeroes!). This shouldn’t fool you that due to such high supply it is there to stay for a while, at the time of writing this article the total supply is 413 billion (that’s only 41.3% of the total supply!). At this point, 1.1731% of each transacted amount is burned and 0.8269% of that amount is redistributed to holders. These numbers decrease over time, proportionally to the total supply of Hoge. You can view the current price chart as well as details about other parts of the HOGE tokenomics on this link.

Why you should be more interested in HOGE

If the previously mentioned information about HOGE wasn’t enough to reel you in yet, let’s look at some other segments of the cryptocurrency.

  • HOGE has a very active community almost on any social media you can imagine, especially on Twitter. On their social media, they constantly announce giveaways and rewards for members of the community. In my opinion, they are one of the most generous people towards their supporters. They always share love and promote new things without a barrier of making people feel like HOGE is superior (even though it is), but genuinely making an effort to be more engaged with their supporters.
  • MEMES! Who doesn’t love memes? If you are a meme lover like anyone is, then unlike Hoge’s cryptocurrency supply which is limited, Hoge’s MEME SUPPLY IS UNLIMITED! You’re in for a world of memes if you dive into the Hoge ecosystem. The memes aren’t just created by the creators of Hoge, they are also built by fans and supporters who want to spread the rumor through the language of the gods. I won’t be speaking much here because I wouldn’t like to ruin the fun, but seriously, check those out.
  • Hoge recently received a security score of 88/100 by an audit performed by Certik and a sentiment score of 92/100! That’s insanely good! If you wonder which aspect was missing, well the answer is that the market volatility was the worst rating (but still 70/100 though). This isn’t a thing to worry about at all, how would you expect that Hoge reaches the moon without some volatility caused by the flying rocket? More info on the security audit can be found on this link.
  • Even though Hoge hasn’t been around for too long, they have already been sponsors or mascots of many events, as well as donating to charity, mostly animal support such as save the animals. This only further enhances the point of view of the Hoge creators and community and how genuinely awesome they are. You can check out the latest sponsored event on this Twitter post, which was a truck rally. Also Mark O’Dell, the eSports driver, was fully Hoge-Centered, if you take a look here. If you are interested in donating via Hoge, you can do so on this link.
  • Merchandise (a.k.a Swag), video games, and NFTs. Yep, Hoge has that too. And they’re awesome. You can find more of those on their official page, which I have linked earlier.
  • They have an already populated roadmap for each quarter of this year which is available for anyone to see on their official page. This gives the transparency between the Hoge team’s plans and goals in the future and the Hoge supporters.

I sincerely hope that these points and information I’ve given about Hoge led you to realize that Hoge is not just a cryptocurrency, it is an ecosystem of supporters and communities who have Hoge’s back and are looking forward to its growth in the future. I personally believe that Hoge will continue growing, not only as a cryptocurrency but also as a community. We can all agree that it’s rare to see a cryptocurrency nowadays which makes the whole idea of blockchain and cryptocurrencies be not so scary and unapproachable, but rather makes it totally fun and available to anybody. This is why I see Hoge as being a major contributor to the cryptocurrency world and gives an excellent example of how proper marketing and sharing news should be done, even for things that still are an unexplored topic for some people. If you are interested in buying (and of course, holding) Hoge then I encourage you to do so. For more information on purchasing or any other topic, you can refer to their official website (https://hoge.finance).

Final note: Please have in mind that I am NOT a financial advisor, nor a member of the Hoge creators and team. I am only a person who strongly believes in the Hoge movement and I’m able to see why they are able to grow a lot more than from where they are now, hence why I took the time to write this article and share the news about Hoge.